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Explosion Protection Expert

General Manager's Speech


Nick Wei — General Manager of Dragon Industries

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Winner of the second prize of the 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Award
Evaluation expert of the National Science and Technology Awards Office
Graduate Tutor of School of Safety Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology
Expert of Fire and Explosion Protection Working Group of National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee
Main drafter of GB50779 "Standard for blast resistant design of buildings in petrochemical engineering"
Participated in the preparation of more than 10 national standards and industry standards


When I was still working at GE (China) Co., Ltd., the three major ethylene projects of Shanghai SECCO, BASF Yangtze BASF, and CNOOC SHELL were in full swing. These world-renowned petrochemical companies have very high safety requirements. New projects in China all urgently need to install anti-explosion protective equipment in anti-explosion buildings such as central control rooms and cabinet rooms of petrochemical enterprises. At that time, there were no relevant equipment manufacturers or suppliers in China.

In order to fill the gap in China's domestic explosion safety industry, we founded Drage Industry in 2004, adhering to the mission of "preventing explosion disasters and protecting life safety", committed to being an expert in the field of explosion safety, in order to build a safer world Contribute to the power of China.

As the founder and pioneer of China's explosion safety industry, Dragon Industry provides customers with an overall explosion safety solution of "pre-explosion prevention, in-explosion control, and post-explosion protection".

Explosion safety engineering technical services include: explosion risk analysis, building safety analysis under explosion load, general contracting of building anti-explosion engineering construction, general contracting of building explosion venting engineering, general contracting of building anti-explosion capacity improvement and renovation projects, etc.

Explosion safety equipment includes: building anti-explosion equipment, anti-explosion shelter, building explosion venting equipment, ventilation system anti-explosion and purification equipment, dust explosion-proof equipment, explosion suppression system, detonation flame arrester, detonation detonation flame arrester, breathing A full range of products in the field of explosion safety such as valves and emergency relief valves.

The rapid and healthy development of Dragon Industry in the past 18 years has benefited from the long-term support and love of our respected customers and partners, and the professionalism and efforts of all employees. At present, the overall level of Dragon Industry in the field of explosion safety has reached the global advanced level. .

In the future, we will continue to forge ahead, create value for global customers, and strive to develop into a global leader in the field of explosion safety equipment and engineering technology.

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